Into the river...

I've been a freelance, self employed musician and dreamer for a long time. Its been twelve years since graduating from the Los Angeles Music Academy and moving home to the Santa Ynez Valley.  Playing guitar daily for twenty-one years has been instrumental to my growth and well being, while also giving me a voice in our complex society.  Being part of bands, records, concerts, tv & film scoring, as well as solo improv looping have all shaped a large portion of my adult life.  I will be forever thankful for the musicians that I have been able to share heart, soul, friendship and song with.  

In between all the music, I've been searching for balance and a way to stay connected to nature and the "real" world around me.  Activities such as: photography, biking, ceramics, hiking, motorcycle adventure touring and building things often call for me between the songs.  Music is SUCH a deep well, you can fall in for years, (or a lifetime) without return.  Full time music isn't a bad thing, I just personally can't ignore all the other fantastic ways I see people spending their time on this planet.  What an absolutely amazing era to be alive.  It's been a wild journey, full of world travel, tours, adventures and yet, I mainly hermit away in small valley life on the central coast.  

Since growing up outside of town on my Grandmother's horse ranch, I have always followed my curiosity into many strange and wonderful situations.  Being fascinated by people, cultures, art and nature in the world around me has paved the way for some of the blog topics I will be reflecting on.  It's time I give myself a platform to share some of the things I do and experience in life.   This blog is going to be all over the me!  I'm sure you can relate to the idea that you just can't do everything you want to do with this short human life time you're allotted.  I've been fortunate to put 10,000 hours into some of my interests in life and still haven't even started my journey in other areas.   

Blogs are one of the main ways I find inspiration on the internet.  Fuzz pedal experts, hiking gurus, Alaskan bike builders, vegan chefs, BBQ masters, tiny home builders and many...many more help make blogs a modern marvel.  Now it's time I do my part for the community and share what I can while in the river of life.  The start of this blog is my way of getting my feet wet, mind open and fingers loose.  Some friends of mine have been blogging for years and make it look easy.  Nice Jedi trick...  So to them, I raise my glass in thanks for all of their trailblazing, sharing and mentorship.   


With that said, enjoy the upcoming posts and please comment if you feel like chiming in!