It's Time-lapse season again!

It's that time of year where the clouds start to fill our skies and when the sunsets come closer to the early afternoon.  I love the fall and it's been a long wait for this years change.

Some afternoons it's so hard to be inside working when you know such beautiful skies are above.  For all of you who are inside and on the Internet right now reading this, I wanted to share some of my time lapse videos from the last year.

I had so much fun making this first time lapse video when I got my Canon 5D Mark III.  Not only was I refreshing the art of photography in my life (from all the film days I had when I was younger), but I was able to use modern techniques with intervalometers and digital cameras.  For every 1 second of video that you are watching, there were 24 individual photos taken.  That means, for 10 seconds of video, there were 240 pictures. The length of time that each photo was exposed depended on the amount of light during that time of day. Some of the night shots that you see took 30 seconds of exposure time for each photo. This can make for a wonderful and long evening taking hundreds of photos, over many hours, with the excitement of later animating the night sky in a way the naked eye cannot see.

The music that is in this first video, I scored with one nylon string guitar overdubbed two times improvisationally in a 15 minute time frame.  It was very fun to score music to a time lapse video that I had compiled. I hope you enjoy this one!

Please make sure to click on the HD button for all these videos as well as use great speakers or headphones.

This next video is a short compilation style that was really exciting to do. My goal was to do an entire video shot, edited, scored and uploaded in one day. This was my first attempt at doing so... It was a wonderful November afternoon much like the ones that are coming our way!

This last time lapse video features music by a band that I play in.  The song seems so fitting for the images that were captured in this December storm.  

The band is called Danny Briere and the Benevolent Dictator's.  The song is off the record we cut live at my studio last year. It's called Bonfires. Click here for the bands sound cloud page!


There are plenty of amazing opportunities coming up in the following months to capture the visual best of what our Valley has to offer.  

If you didn't know much about time lapse,  I hope that this quick blog at least sparked your interest to go out, use your iPhone, your fancy camera, or just your eyes to go out and capture the wonderful world around us!

I will be posting photos of my time lapse rig, as well as the trials and tribulations of capturing time lapse photography in a later blog.  It will be way more techie...  

I hope you've enjoyed this blog, until next time, go outside!